Concept catering, events, personal chef, street food, slow food, healthy and savory eating: these are the keywords of the new professional course in Weekend Cuisine offered by FGA that enables those busy during the week to attend a professional weekend cookery course.

The idea is to create a team of professionals who can respond to the requirements of a new market of food, tied not only to the restaurant but to multiple eno-gastronomic contexts and conformed to the newest market tendencies.

Attention to novel culinary trends cannot go without qualified training in ingredients, food intolerance, the vegetarian/vegan universe, mechanisms of production and standardization, types of fast and healthy cooking, methods of conservation and monitoring.

The course has no age limits and pre-requisites: it is therefore dedicated to those who wish to choose a context in the food sector different from the restaurant one.

The mission is to get the students working during the course itself: Food Genius Academy provides active support to the most important events in Milan and nationwide (Milano Food Week, Milano Design Week, Taste of Milano, Golosaria, ecc).





4 months including:

Genius Lab
(theoretical and practical techniques)

practical experience  
during Food Genius Academy's events and catering


Classes are small in size, ensuring close supervision by the chef and teaching coordinators






  • Course presentation

  • Cuisine theory

  • Restaurant types


  • Knives and cutting

  • Vegetables

  • Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Gluten-free

  • Fresh pasta

  • Bread making

  • Pastry making

  • Meat

  • Fish

  • Food styling and creativity

  • Food cost

  • Restaurant management

  • Concept catering

  • Methods of conservation

  • Personal chef and communication

  • Street food and consulting

  • Final exam



Misha Sukyas
Eugenio Boer
Raffaele Mancini
Galileo Reposo
Giovanni Mineo
Eugenio Roncoroni
Stefania Corrado


Consult the calendar of courses at the following link:



Since 1994, the European Economic Community has established several fundamental decrees that regulate “personnel hygiene and quality control” in the food industry and apply to all employees in the sector.

It is enforced through adequate training and a system of auto-control called “HACCP” (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). Students will get the chance to learn more with technician Luca Ballabio and take an exam leading to the certificate.



Our teachers are Chefs chefs who own or executive-manage renowned restaurants in Milan and elsewhere.

Our teachers transmit invaluable concepts of pastry making, both traditional and modern and creative, to the FGA students.

Each topic is approached practically: through the professional experience of the chef professor, the students have the opportunity to directly confront the job market that awaits them. 



Students are provided with a professional uniform, a personal set of tools and knives, lecture notes and bibliography for each lesson.



A certificate of attendance is issued upon course completion, serving as a reference point for the professional world recognized. In Milan headquarter, a certificate of competence is issued on a regional level as well as internationally, thanks to the school’s partnerships with Lombardy Region and renowned institutions. 



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