The restaurant market has a continuous need of dining room staff.

“Emergenza Sala” (Dining room emergency) is a documentary film made by FGA for Identita Golose 2013: the video’s heartfelt plea made way for the first true Professional Hotel and Restaurant Manager, with the precise scope of reinvigorating a succumbed important craft through a course that is emotional and experiential, rather than academic.

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A year after the illustrious first edition, the 8 pioneer students are all practicing their craft at some of the most prestigious restaurants found in the guides.

Our intention is to create a team of passionate students with the yearning to work and an understanding of the importance of this vocation. A role that is increasingly fundamental in the final client experience. A central actor that, thanks to the course and highly qualified teaching staff at the Food Genius Academy, possesses the instruments necessary to maintain a high level of quality in Italian cuisine. A chef and a kitchen staff – each restaurant has two of each. One in the kitchen, one on the dining room. The time has come to aim at the dining room and cellar. 

The course is made up of technical lectures, wine tastings, dining room simulations, case studies and curricular excursions. 

An unconventional study plan dedicated to the professional capable of confronting the everyday reality of an extraordinarily complex craft.

Managing the dining room in delicate times, like the ones Italy is going through, is a work of ethics and guarantee, one aimed at increasing the potential in a market that exploits a mere half of its resources. Italian high-end cuisine needs the support of a high-end dining room in order to take off and excel on a global scale.

“52% of the final satisfaction of the restaurant experience derives from the dining room. The kitchen is left with 48%.” (Massimo Bottura)





50 hours of meetings and lectures
with the TOP of Italian restaurants and press and dining room and cellar professionals

3 month practical internship

at top restaurants (Michelin Guide)

FGA classes are small in size, ensuring close supervision by the chef and teaching coordinators





  • Course and teacher presentations

  • History of service and roles

  • Service in the different Italian contexts (bistro, gourmet etc)

  • Hotel and restaurant hierarchy

  • Wine

  • Wine and food matching

  • Restaurant English

  • CV and job interview preparation

  • Mise-en-place of dining rooms, banquet halls etc.

  • Room service

  • Cafeteria

  • Basic drink mixology

  • Wine service, temperature, storing etc.

  • Visits to a wine, oil, coffee cellars, a grand hotel

  • Dining room and cellar manager

  • Staff selection, management and motivation

  • Kitchen/dining room relations

  • First person cost evaluation (beverages, staff, linen)

  •  Wine trends

  • Purchasing, managing and selling wine

  • Food and wine matching

  • Client psychology

  • Private clients, businesses, weddings

  • Sales and marketing concepts

  • PR, press and media

+   Dining room simulations, wine tasting and curricular excursions





Consult the full list of partner restaurants on the following link: ​ 




The internship is the crucial part of the Professional Course in Dining Room Management at FGA: it is carried out in the best restaurants in Italy, following a selection procedure by the school board. An aptitude interview is carried out in order to establish the students’ needs and motivation and to enable a good match with our diverse partners.

The internship schedule can be flexible and adapted to the student’s availability, taking into account the restaurant’s lunch and dinner shifts and closing hours. The minimum attendance required is 5 times a week.




Students are provided with lecture notes and bibliography for each lesson.




A certificate is issued upon course completion, serving as a reference point for the professional world recognized on a regional level in Lombardy as well as internationally, thanks to the school’s partnerships with renowned institutions. 



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